HMR International School follows the curriculum parameters of the Central Board of Secondary Education. The school curriculum aims to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and to achieve full potential.  The curriculum also aims to promote pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

Learning through understanding is the main focus of this curriculum along with multimedia based tools. The Students are encouraged to take active part in interactive teaching-learning process. The HMR International School ensures all-round development of the child through value-based education.


Our academic excellence is carried forth by our highly skilled and dedicated teachers who work for the welfare of the school. The staff members are chosen after a scrupulous selection process.

As a part of our various skills- training programmes, we also conduct different workshops and orientation programmes in order to build up a strong self-esteem in every individual as well as to keep them updated about newer trends in the teaching tactics.

We strongly feel that teachers are not only imparting knowledge but also act as role models who need to display leadership qualities so that the students get empowered in a constructive manner.


The idea is to help the students for project reports as per the recent changes in CBSE / NCERT curriculum. H.M.R international school believes in eminence hence projects; aim to develop the scientific attitude, thinking skills, observation, and problem solving, to apply the conceptual and experimental knowledge in daily life. It improves educational outcomes in the school by increasing young people’s engagement in learning. It helps in developing innovative methods of teaching and learning aimed at increasing students’ engagement in learning.


Students at HMR pursue a visual art curriculum that helps them to build their imagination and the skill to converse with others through visual arts. HMR allow students to sharpen their power of observation in visual ways. The art works produced at HMR International School are theoretical and have a strong original influence. HMR International School helps the students to integrate creativity and innovation. Painting, drawing, glass painting, crafting, recycling the used products and hand-block printing are some of the arts the HMR students learn. The arts are inspiring, engaging and HMR assist students in learning appropriate and positive skills.


The Music Department of HMR International School teaches the students Indian classical music and folk music of our country. A unique feature of the HMR International School is the school choir comprising of students and teachers. There is a performance room in the school which helps in developing the musical and special intelligence of the children. Children are taught in depth about the music depending on their interest and ability.