Facility & Infrastructure

HMRIS creates and inviting safe and purposeful environment aided by its spacious and well – planned school structure and sprawling play ground. The school atmosphere is enthusiastic and develops pupils abilities to generate new thoughts thick analytically to draw logical conclusions. So that they articulate their thoughts both in written and Spoken Form. HMRIS also provides proper health care and sick bay facility


HMRIS is equipped with state of art PCMB lab, Digital Class rooms, Innovative Information Labs, HMR INOYISE LAB – Science Experimental Zone, Language Labs, AV rooms loaded with projectors and LED screens.


Students are encouraged to participate in various competitions such as Olympiad, Spell Bee, Science Exhibitions, Visual and Performing Arts


School conducts periodical professional development programs for teachers and hands- on Parent Support Session Encompassing life skills, inclusive education and carrier guidance


A sound mind exists only in a sound body. The HMR International School realizes this fact and gives equal importance to physical development along with studies. Sports play an important role in the overall development of a child. The Physical Education (PE) space is more about cooperation than competition. Fitness is essential to growth and achievement. By fitness, we are not just implying a well groomed physique, rather a healthy mind and body, an infinite strength that helps to act spontaneously. Our system integrates an active sports schedule with training in Yoga and Meditation improves mental power and concentration. Physical education programs are an important part of the daily programs for students. The following sports facilities are provided in our school.

  • Yoga
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basket Ball
  • Foot ball
  • Throw Ball
  • Volley Ball
  • Cricket
  • Table Tennis
  • Indoor games

Physical Education is not one-particular-game oriented but emphasizes all-round development of hands-on motor skills, co-ordination, movement, health and nutrition, first aid and game skills for games such as cricket, football, basketball, throw ball and athletics. The school encourages a variety of sports to keep children competitive and have team spirit.

Trained and experienced coaches have been appointed for each sporting discipline. High quality, well maintained infrastructure has been put into place. We believe in giving each student the chance to try all sports.


HMR International School has tie up with Baghirathi Transport Agency, which is one among the best transport providers for school in Bangalore. We have 8 school buses, with CCT Camera’s, GPRS systems in it, which picks and drop students from across Bangalore. We follow all guidelines prescribed by the Karnataka Transport Department for School Buses.

Various Training Facilitates for Drivers and Lady Cares:- Baghirathi ensure that all their drivers are well aware of the latest techniques in vehicle maintenance. They conduct a full-day vehicle health check-up and training covers preventive maintenance on vehicles, checklist for daily vehicle health check-up, process to handle a bus breakdown and defensive driving. And they also conduct First Aid training, creating awareness about following traffic rules and regulation and safe drive.


HMR INOYISE aim is to impart students, an insight into the world of Robotics, Automation and Engineering at an early stage. This helps to recognize talent and generate passion towards innovation and technology. We seek to create a knowledge base at the very beginning stage of primary and secondary school by educating in a fun-induced and practical way to make them feel the science behind everything around them and to enjoy their curriculum, help them in application of these concepts to create some innovative models and give them insights into the dynamics of elemental physics and mechanisms that dictate today’s world.


HMR International school has paved a path to address its concerns about society and environment, as both human and environment is important for a balanced world, where in human is more dependent on the environment. Therefore HMRIS is following aspects, like Go-Green, E-waste, NGO program, Rural School Adoption programme and lots more for Healthy Environment of the Society, which is being brought into practice among the children.

Science Experimental Zone

The school has a science laboratory that caters to the needs of students and facilitates easy learning and understanding towards the subject. Students can easily access the laboratory and they are allowed to carry out the experiments under the guidance of the teachers who act as a catalyst in this search for knowledge in HMR Physics, Chemistry Biology and INOYISE LAB 

Math Lab

A well-equipped math lab provides students with the opportunity to have fun with numbers. It creates a challenging atmosphere for students to put their mathematical intelligence to test and enhances their analytical reasoning and lateral thinking through various games and activities. 

RITS- Renovative Information Technology Lab

We have a strong team of professionals from the field of computers to guide the students with the latest changes in this field. We also have a multimedia theatre stocked with reference books and wide range of compact discs based upon their interest ranging to all ages and workshops are being organized from time to time.

Library – Learning Resource Centre

The School library provides books of various genres, which help the students to take a peek into the world around and improve their vocabulary and general knowledge.  Students can borrow books to read at home. The books are lent for a stipulated period after which they can either return it or get it reissued. Any late submission of books or damage to the books attracts fine.

Virtual Class Room

The audio-visual room is extensively used by the faculty and the students to make presentations and conduct workshops. A research oriented approach is encouraged and frequent analysis of projects help students to orient themselves with the rapidly changing requirements of the world outside.


A spacious auditorium is designed to conduct various academic and cultural programmes. 

Guidance Health & Counselling

The school’s counselling service is open to every member of the HMR family. The centre counsels students who have any academic and behavioral issues. Qualified and experienced teachers also act as counselors and provide assistance or intervention as and when the need arises. Parents are kept in loop regarding the counselling sessions and issues. 

Sickbay - Health Care Centre

The school has a Health Care Centre to take care of any medical emergency. However, students who suffer from any specific ailment are advised to carry their medicine with them and inform the class teacher about it.  


There is a visual and performing art room in the school where children are exposed to a variety of music and different dance forms depending on their interest and ability.

Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of experiential learning. Special visits are arranged from time to time to places connected with the work the children are doing in school. Visits usually take place during school hours. These trips are organized with prior intimation to and approval of parents.