HMR International School

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for Transfer Certificate?

Give a written application by December.

Is criminal background verification done for all the staff members?

Yes, criminal background verification check is done for all teaching and non teaching staff.

Is there any sibling’s discount?

Yes, 10% discount on admission.

How does the school communicate the child’s progress to the parents?

Frequent updates regarding the child’s progress through PTMs, and also through one to one meetings.

Does the school follow any particular religion?

No, we do not follow any particular religion.

What is the Dress code or uniform of students?

# Grade School Uniform Sports Attire
1 Gyana Mandir(Nursery, LKG,UKG) Monday, Thursday - Red T Shirt and Blue Shorts/Skirt Wednesday – Maroon T Shirt and Track Pant
Tuesday, Friday - Green T Shirt and Blue Shorts/Skirt
2 I - XI Friday Monday-Thursday

Do you offer hostel facilities?


What are the documents required for the admission procedure?

  1. Copy of the Birth Certificate bearing child’s name. (Original to be produced for verification).
  2. Five Passport size Photographs.
  3. Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate- Original.
  4. Copy of the academic report of last year (original to be produced for verification).
  5. The student will be considered for admissions to the appropriate grade based on their current age, and corresponding grade.

Is there a Parent Teacher’s Meeting Conducted?

We generally conduct PTM’s after every Periodic Assessments, Mid Term and Final Exams, but parents can also schedule an appointment with class teacher on 2nd and 3rd Saturdays.

How much importance is given to other co-curricular activities?

Extra Co-curricular activities are considered as an integral part of education at HMR. Students can choose from a wide range of individual and team activities like Dance, Music,Yoga.

How often are tours organized?

Tours are organized during every quarter depending on the class.

What is the maximum number of students in a class?

The maximum class size is 25. (Nursery to UKG)

The maximum class size is 35. (Grade I to XII).

Are the students provided with the opportunity to participate in the National level competition?

Yes, HMR provides other opportunities for our students to actively participate in National and International Level Competition. The motivation and encouragement given by equipped teachers enables all the students of all criteria to activity participate. Our students have also won National and District level prizes in these competitions and they have brought great pride to our HMR Family.

Why you need to opt HMR as your educator?

“We Create, We Mould, We Inspire”. Our Vision is to enlighten our children, the values that would help them to be self-reliant, critical thinkers, amenable to changes, socially sensitive, sound in reasoning and appreciate diverse culture all across the world to become efficacious and compassionate individuals in the society.

Our purpose is to provide quality education.

How safe is my child in your school?

  • We have 80 cctv (Digital) cameras installed in the school campus.
  • Recruitment of teaching and non teaching staff takes place only after CBV (criminal background verification).
  • We also have child protection policy and compliant redressal policy.
  • Fire extinguisher alarms are placed in all the floors in need of fire accidents.
  • All class room doors locks are disabled from the inside.
  • Unused rooms are locked at all the time.
  • First Aid and sick room facilities are available in case of medical emergency.
  • No mobile phone access in school hours by teachers and students.
  • A strict Disciplinary policies are been followed by all teaching and non teaching staff in and around the campus.
  • Well trained Security service.

  • What languages are offered at HMR?

    We offer Kannada, Hindi, French as second and third language.

    What is the teacher, student ratio per class in school?

    HMR GYANAMANDIR (Nursery-UKG) :- 2:25

    HMR International School (Grade I- Grade XII) :- 2:35

    When the academic session starts every year?

    1st week of June.

    What are the school timings?

    HMR GYANAMANDIR (Nursery to UKG) – 8:20am to 1:00pm.

    HMR International School (Grade I- Grade XII) – 8:20am to 3:30pm.

    What are the school timings?

    HMR GYANAMANDIR (Nursery to UKG) – 8:20am to 1:00pm.

    HMR International School (Grade I- Grade XII) – 8:20am to 3:30pm.

    Is your school affiliated and recognized by CBSE Board?

    Yes it is been recognized by CBSE New Delhi.
    CBSE Affiliation No:- 830463 School Code:- 41271


    Which Syllabus the school follows?

    HMR International School follows CBSE syllabus (New Delhi).

    HMR International School